Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Visit to Isha School

Last Tuesday, we had our first visit at Isha School.
They have approximately 550 students from 3 to 12 years.
We had the change to visit kinder garden classes and their yoga classes.
As they were with their last exams for this term (today they started a 10-day vacation period), they also did some presentations for us. As it was my birthday, they gave me some flowers and all the students sang Happy Birthday. It was pretty touching!!!!!

At the school, we had the change to meet the principal and the vice-principal. We asked them all the questions that we have been discussing during our meetings since we get here in Coimbatore.

After that we went to visit the Yogic Temple, which is part of the Isha Foundation.
There, we were able to get a dip in the Theerthkund tank and then do some meditation in the Dhyanalinga Temple.

Isha Team after the meditation
Now we have lots of work to do.
We will keep you posted.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finally Here!

#ibmcsc We arrived to Coimbatore on Saturday, Amanda was waiting us there with Kabi and the profesor Alagazar Sami.

We were exhausted but very excited!

Once arrived into the hotel, we had some time to briefly introduce each others and then we did a recognition walking trough the neighborhood guided by the profesor.

Coimbatore seems to be a very nice, safe and clean city, we loved it.
We met some locals, visited some temples, saw some bats, etc...
Entered the night we went out for dinner and we had our fish group dinner; very nice dishes, a little bit spicy in some cases, but very tasty.
On sunday we meet for a round of personal introduction, we had lot of fun knowing more of our background and personal history, then we ride a tuk tuk (indian taxis) to a very nice restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious indian banquet.

It was very fun and a new, totally different experience to eat all that food with our hands.

Tomorrow we have a big day in front of us, since our partners are coming to the hotel to meet us ...we have lot of questions to make to them and tons of adrenaline....the waiting is coming to an end...


Thursday, September 22, 2011

On flight

#ibmcsc All of us are now travelling to Mumbai, to meet there and fly as a team for the first time to coimbatore.
Now, we are getting closer to the action!
Greetings from London!

Monday, September 19, 2011

IBM Corporate Service Corps + Isha Vidhya

IBM's Corporate Service Corps (CSC) is an outside-the-office-program that brings together business and society. At the same time, it offers IBMers a chance to develop their leadership skills while they perform top quality community service in developing countries including Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.
The program teams employee groups with partner nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to work in select developing and emerging markets for one month on some of the world's toughest societal problems such as global economic opportunity, environmental challenges, and access to educational resources.
In our case, we have been assigned to the distance teacher training project for Isha Vidhya in Coimbatore. Our assignment starts on September 26, 2011.
Benjamin is already flying to India. Gaston, Vasek and Amanda will be flying during this week .... and we will finally be together next Saturday, on September 24th.
So many things to do .... so little time!!!

For more information about the CSC program, go to
For more information about Isha Vidhya, go to

 More news very soon!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Team

#ibmcsc Four strangers from different places in the world get together for a common cause in Coimbatore.
Far, far away from home, with a backpack full of expectations, and the mind wide open for an amazing experience.
More news, soon
Keep tuned!